O-M-G! I have just been introduced to one of the coolest websites ever and because it is the season for shopping, sharing, and giving, GiveBack is the website I’m wildly clapping my hands over and jumping up and down over GiveBack is an easy and convenient way for the public to donate to their favorite charities without all the hassle, in one stop! Shop and give because all of the charities are registered with the IRS and 100% of donations go to the charities and are tax deductible.

Here’s how it works:

You create your account (free of charge), find or create a charity foundation of your choice and donate. It’s that easy!! The list of charities that you have to pick from is infinite. If you can’t find the charity you are looking for you can contact GiveBack and they will find it for you. You can search for charities by interest, name, city or state. The charity you choose discloses their tax ID number, a synopsis of the charity, their total goal amount and total raised. I raised money for Improving Kids Environment and it felt GOOD!

Need to finish your holiday shopping, a birthday on the horizon or how about a big thank you gift for that babysitter? You can do your shopping over at GiveBack and a percentage is donated to your chosen charity. I couldn’t believe that I could do my shopping and donate at the same time with just a few simple clicks! You can shop by brand, category, or merchant; it’s fabulous. A few merchants I browsed were: eBay, Cabelas, Gap, Kohl’s, DSW, FAO Schwarz, and Home Depot but the list goes on and on. Its nice being able to give to my family but even nicer that I can give back to those in need too!

Got to run, I have shopping and giving to do. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Disclaimer: This post is part of a a One2One Network campaign where I choose to participate in campaigns and opportunities that fit Green and Clean Mom. I am not compensated for this post but it does qualify for an entry to win particular prizes offered by the One 2 Network.

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Haley is an avid fitness guru, mother, police officer and officer of the court. Haley and her family are working to go green with the help of her sister, Green and Clean Mom.