It’s that time of year when windows are opened, people feel the need to declutter and start organizing their life. Perhaps it’s a good time to start earning some green or there’s a summertime vacation you’d like to have extra cash for.  Maybe a yard sale is your thing, perhaps a community rummage sale or clothing swap with your friends.  To help you get organized, start planning and give you some ideas for your spring cleaning and eco-friendly money making venture here are 4 ways you can go green and make some green.

1.  Yard Sale, Garage Sale or Rummage Sale. Make sure your items are cleaned, priced at a reasonable rate, you’ve advertised via the newspaper or even Facebook using this free application. Try selling lemonade and raising money for a charity or even providing free lemonade for your shoppers. Make your signs something you can use over and over and mark the parking areas if you don’t want people to park on your grass! Check out Frugal Dad for some great tips on having a successful yard sale or the Yard Sale Queen to help guide you with your pricing.

2.  Host an online garage sale via ebay Classifieds but exercise internet safety and for some great tips read Safe Mama.  If you decide to go online for your sales make sure you take quality pictures and accurately describe your items. With Google everything can be researched so you can link to the company and their description. Use the online sites to help you research the going prices so you aren’t too low or too high.

3. Try using Gazzle for electronics. If you have something specific to sell use an online site that specializes in that type of item. Kindles, Smart Phones and computers can sell well on sites like Gazzle. Give it a try and tell me your thoughts.

4.  Think Consignment. If you have a local consignment shop consider checking out their commission structure and do some shopping and browsing to see if you’d personally shop there. For baby clothing I have a lot of success shopping and selling via our local consignment shop.

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