Less than three weeks before Christmas and guess how many gifts I have bought? Zero. Seriously, I am far from ready for the holiday season. My home is decorated and the stockings are hung but who’s filling them? Yes, this is a major issue. My children have given me their lists and I have this great holiday guide to fall back on because I’ve tried the products so I know I love them and want to give them to all my beloved friends and family. Except what about me? I know, it sounds selfish but over and over people are asking me what I want. I’m not sure what I want and if I say a banner or button for this or that they’ll look at me as though I have a third eye. This has led me to Shop.Com, a site where I can go and just make my list. It’s like shopping in a mall but online. I don’t have to leave my home, spend the gas money or bother lugging holiday bags around the mall.

Why do I say that Shop.Com is like going to a mall? It’s really better and if you want to save time, energy and money you can go to Shop.Com and comparison-shop at 2,000 stores on one site. Wow! Plus, they have a gift registry and a buying guide to help you make choices on topics like buying a “green” computer. If you aren’t in a store you can’t ask anyone but with Shop.Com you can just go to the buying guide for assistance or in my case send out a tweet and get a dozen answers in two seconds.

With Shop.Com I did discover that it is easiest to shop from the one-cart stores but you can shop from any linked store, like Discovery or any of the partner stores. The process isn’t complicated like I assumed it would be and it’s super simple to just add something to your registry. You do have to register but that takes only a second.

Had I not browsed and searched for eco-friendly gifts I wouldn’t have ever discovered the world most famous eco-friendly vodka or that they have eco-friendly wine coolers. Amazing! I am thinking of adding the eco-friendly PVC free, biodegradable go green luggage to my wish list, maybe for hopes of traveling to Blogher Chicago in July?

If you’re short on time for shopping this year or for any occasion, may I suggest heading on over to Shop.Com and giving it a whirl? Even if you’re just looking for some ideas to inspire you this holiday season, a void the crowds and the lines and just shop at all your favorite stores through this easy to use site. I am.

Why not? Great tips for free!

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