The 4th of July is a day to celebrate, it’s the birthday of the United States of America and a time to celebrate our freedom and those that fought for our freedom.  Most of us celebrate this momentous occasion by spending time with family, having cookouts, going to parades, camping and watching fireworks. To me there is no better way to celebrate our country then by preserving and taking care of this beautiful place we call home. So lets throw a little green in our red white and blue celebration.

Here are a few quick tips to help you celebrate your 4th of July with a splash of green.

-Walk, bike or carpool to events

-If you can’t use reusable gear buy biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable products for picnics, BBQ’s and camping.

-Use rented camping gear or camping gear that is environmentally friendly

-Use eco friendly bug spray and sunblock

-Purchase your foods locally by checking out farmers markets and eat organic and hormone free food when possible.

-Choose gas grilles vs. charcoal. Gas grills are more efficient and produce less CO2.

-Avoid Petroleum-based lighter fluid. Lighter fluid releases harmful VOCs so try using a chimney starter, electrical charcoal starter, or another do-it-yourself fire starter.

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-BYOB – bottle that is

-Ask you local municipality or government agency if they are willing to switch to less toxic fireworks display. If not just be aware of the health risks. You may opt to watch them on TV or forgo them all together.

-If you are participating in a parade decorate with recyclable and reusable products or offer to walk in the parade instead.

-Purchase TerraPass to offset your carbon footprint

Please check out the sites that I have listed for more helpful tips to green your 4th.  I hope everyone has a happy, safe and green 4th of July!

Great sites to check out:







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