With 2010 coming to an end (today) I wanted to help you make 2011 the greatest “green” year ever! This doesn’t mean feeling like you have to replace every product in your house or that you need to order those solar panels and ride your bike to work, it just means doing something new this year. Something that says you care about your home environment and want to give those chemicals the boot! Something that is new for you and your family and this could very well be recycling! We all have to start somewhere and I’m here to help, to motivate and to encourage you. Green and Clean Mom can be your go green cheerleader!! Rah-Rah!

To help you kick 2011 off in a good way here are some of my favorite green resources:

-Free e-course on everything you need to know about plastics from The Soft Landing.

-The latest research and news on the environment and hazards to your health from The Environmental Working Group.

Healthy Child Healthy World offers great pocket guides that are free and down-loadable to help you figure out what toys are safe, plastics to use and items to buy!

-Know what is in your personal care products and how the ingredients rate with the Skin Deep Cosmetic Data Base.

– Dr. Greene is the go to resource for all your green baby questions!

-SafeMama lets you know what she thinks about various products, calls out companies and offer free guides to help make buying products easier!

– The Smart Mama spells it out for you and will let you know which companies are naughty or nice!

-Go digital and be in the know from healthy seafood choices to where to eat with any of these green digital guides from Green Options.

-Find a recycling facility near you with Earth 911 and learn about what can and cannot be recycled.

-Excellent and practical green parenting tips with daily posts from Jenn Savedge.

-Safer Chemicals, Healthier Families

The Green Guide offers simple tips for making green choices everyday.

-Keep Rover healthy while on your green journey with this free pocket guide from Green Paws.

-Figure out which products are loaded with nasty pesticides and which ones are safer with another great pocket guide from The Organic Center.

-A collection of wise, ambitious and dedicated women trying to save the world, one blog  post and action at a time. The Green Mom’s Carnival will inspire you and motivate you!

Learn about herbs, organic certification and breastfeeding over at the Earth Mama Angel Baby blog.

-Keep your decor green and stylish in 2011 with tips and advice from Green Your Decor.

The Green Baby Guide will help you raise baby green but also save you money with their frugal tips.

-Make sure your toys are safe and lead free when you check out Healthy Stuff.

What other websites would you recommend for someone wanting to be a shade of green this New Year?

Photo Credit:  Free Digital Photos

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