In September, I traveled to New York City along with 51 other bloggers for a Euro-Pro event. When I attend a sponsored event I usually have to like the product or have some curiosity about what the product is about and why my readers might need to or want to hear about the company, cause or product. I never go to endorse a company, I’ve never signed an agreement to blog about a company or product and I certainly do know that paying for airfare, hotel and cab is a small price to pay for my time away from my family.

This particular trip peaked my interest for several reasons. First there were so many other bloggers that were going to be attending and I love to hang out with fellow bloggers who speak my lingo. I wanted to see how a PR company was going to handle such a diverse event with so many bloggers. I really wanted to meet Rachel Miller in person and I love steam cleaning products and products that can give chemicals the boot!

I’ll talk more about how PR companies can handle bloggers and some tips for social media over at 3 Green Angles and my lovely brother-in-law (the chef in the family second to me) will be reviewing the Ninja. I’m itching to tell you about a few great products I was able to sample, thanks to Euro-Pro. I’ve been using the Shark Navigator for almost a month now and besides needing a vacuum like a sundae needs whip cream – I love this machine! It isn’t just me that loves it, so does my cleaning lady (blushing, yes I have one and she is my year around holiday present to myself). I even had her write down the pros and cons of using the Shark Navigator and here is her professional opinion:

shark navigatorPro:

Empties easily.
Long cord for easier use.
Suction hose long.
Teether bar is great for the wood floor.
Light weight.
Short width to easily maneuver around furniture and corners.
Handle placement seems perfect.
Moves from wood to carpet easily.

The short width means more passes for vacuuming.

I’m not sure what else to add other than I love the color purple, the tools are perfect for cleaning for hard to reach places, the warranty is for five years and the company claims it will never loses suction (not for me it hasn’t)! Part of going green and keeping the toxins, allergens and “stuff” out of my house has been to keep my floors clean, use a doormat and for the children to take shoes off before coming into the house (even my pal Janelle from Healthy Child says so). Using my new Shark Navigator to suck up the dirt and dust mites equals better breathing for the entire family and peace of mind for this green mama!

Next week,  I’ll tell you all about the Shark Steam Mop! Until then maybe you can browse through some of these websites (a selection of some of the great people that attended the NYC event) to see what they have to say about the Euro-Pro products:

Why not? Great tips for free!

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