Waste-Less Bags takes makes it even easier for carrying your reusable bags with you where it is you go. Are you ready – I have a confession and I’m blushing because I am about to admit this. I forget my reusable bags all the time. I had a bunch in my car and diaper bag but somehow they made there way back into the house and never again out to the car. I’ve been in my local newspaper a few times for a local green resource – my doubtfulness on going local for just this reason, being judged. Online you can’t see me forget my bags but locally, oh yes I get glares. That never sets well with me, feeling judged but I should be more diligent and get back on the reusable bandwagon. I have only five dozen reusable bags for crying out loud so I should get with it.

Waste-Less Bags are so easy to roll up and come in a convenient carry pouch so I use them, roll them back up and throw them in my carrying case to plop in my purse. Neat and tidy with no worries for being at the grocery store and hearing, “Paper or Plastic” I can say I have my own bags. The bags are very sturdy, I used them just the other day and there were no rips and they held a lot of stuff with ease of carrying.

pouch-with-rolled-up-bag-outsideI really do like the company and concept but wish the bags were a little “greener” so to speak and not shipped from China and made of polyester. I hear this over and over and see it debated online but I think there’s another side to the reusable bags made out of polyester. Polyester is a plastic but it means that the bag will be sturdy and roll up for easy storage. It’s helping people change their behaviors and will last a long time because of how sturdy it is and therefore it is better for the environment. I’d rather see plastic pop bottles and water bottles be used for these bags and them come from the USA and not shipped across the world, that isn’t too green but then we have a cost issue. Items are made in China so we can buy them inexpensively. Will we by a more expensive reusable bag? We say we will but then there is reality.

There are two sides of the coin but reusable bags, hand downs help the environment. Perhaps Waste-Less can begin to look for recycled materials for future products?  I have to say, the compact size and sturdiness of the bags were a sell for me. Better then me saying I would like paper or plastic. A great gift, super chic and a great bargain for your money.

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