I’ve never been to Utah and I cannot wait to travel across county with my BFF/Aunt in tow to the evo Conference! Thanks to my sponsor eBay Classifieds I’ll be networking and learning at what I hear is a beautiful setting with some rocking great speakers lined up! W-O-W! I’ve really sat down though and thought about what I wanted to get out of this conference. Time away from my family, money out of my pocket – it has to be worth it. Here is my road map for making it worth my while and worth it for my sponsor:

My goals for the evo 2011 Conference:

1.  Build on current relationships with fellow blogging friends and colleagues. Learn more about them and what they like, their business and their blog.

2.  Make new blogging friends and connect with their blogs, social networks and interests.

3.  Learn more about email marketing and video blogging.

4.  Relax and allow myself downtime to process what I am learning, hearing and experiencing.

5.  Let others know about my book, My Mommy is a Blogger.

6.  Let others know about my eBay Classifieds in a tactful and respectful way.

7.  Learn how to be a better public speaker for key notes and panels.

How will I know I have reached my goals?

1.  I will have connected with my friends and colleagues.

2.  I will have new business cards that are earmarked and have followed those bloggers and subscribed to their blogs.

3.  I will attend the sessions and have pages of notes!

4.  I will feel rested.

5.  I will give away the copies of my book that I have stuff into my suit case me and my 100 business cards!

6.  I will have written a blog post before and after the conference referencing my sponsor, I will meet with the sponsor representative at the conference and I will thank them via Twitter and Facebook. In addition, I will tactfully let others know while I’m there who has sponsored me and share information about eBay Classifieds in a natural way!

7.  I will have notes on the positive and negative things the speakers do and learn from them on what makes a good panel speaker and keynote speaker. I will have many useful nuggets to put into practice in the future!

Besides reaching my goals I hope to not get altitude sickness! I hear you have to drink a lot of water and stay hydrated so I have my reusable water bottle packed! Any other tips for not getting sick in the mountain – that would certainly ruin my plans!

Image Credit:  evo Conference website


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