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Summer is around the corner and this means three things.

  1. I will waste my breath saying, take off your shoes, wipe your feet in the garage and wipe the dog’s paws. There will be dirt tracked in and lots of it. Probably black dirt from the garden too.
  2. Family will be coming to town because the weather is nice and everyone wants to enjoy camping, bonfires and boating.
  3. I will spend a lot of time dancing with my vacuum. It’s inevitable.

To keep my wits about me I have to clean daily. It is the only way to keep on top of things and not be embarrassed when company comes. I could wig out, and scream like a banshee every time the floors gets dirty or I see black dirt on the on my white carpet and tile. (Admittedly, I sometimes do scream like a banshee.) Instead, I just accept it will happen and rely on my vacuum to get me through the rough times.

BISSEL affordable vacuum

Which is why, I’m thrilled to share with you my new friend, the BISSELL PowerForce Helix Bagless Upright vacuum. This baby is sucking up dirt, dust and lots of dog hair (it is shedding season for my Great Dane) left and right. Today I vacuumed twice because my daughter wore her gardening boots into the house. I could have gotten mad but instead I just plugged in my new best friend the PowerForce Helix and in seconds, the black dirt was gone. Poof!

I’ll be honest, I’ve had a lot of vacuums in my lifetime as a housewife, mommy and puppy owner. I’ve cleaned up my fair share of crumbs and dirt over the years. Which I think makes me qualified to share with you what I love about the BISSELL PowerForce Helix.

 BISSELL PowerForce Helix Bagless Upright Vacuum

  • First, I love that the BISSELL PowerForce Helix is powerful. There is no point in having a vacuum that does not work, regardless of what it costs. It has to have some power to suck up all the dirt. This baby has some power and with the Helix dirt separation system, it captures the dirt into the Easy Empty™ dirt cup and forces the large particles to the bottom of the cup, instead of the filter. This means, the filter will last longer and work more effectively.
  • I can go from my hardwood floor, to carpet and then to my tile floor by adjusting a knob for bare floors or different carpet length. This is necessary in my home because I need to use one vacuum for all my floor surfaces.
  • I can vacuum my entire upstairs (laundry room, kitchen and dining room, living room, hallway, two bathrooms and three bedrooms) without having to empty the Easy Empty™ dirt cup. The large capacity saves me time.
  • The BISSELL PowerForce Helix is VERY lightweight. I can easily carry it up and down the stairs. In fact, my 9 year old helped me clean and she could carry it with no trouble at all.
  • Finally yet importantly, I love how affordable the BISSELL PowerForce Helix is, it is under $50, a bargain. I’ve spent hundreds on vacuum cleaners that don’t work as well as this one or have bags that have to be ordered online for a pretty penny. Put the word affordable and clean into one sentence and I’m sold.

BISSELL PowerForce Helix Vacuum Giveaway

I’d love to make your life a little cleaner and give you a chance to win your very own BISSELL PowerForce Helix. Suck up the dirt, dust, dog hair and grime this summer and feel a little better when guests stop over for a bonfire or some vino on the deck. BISSELL is giving away FIVE vacuums and choosing the winners at random from several different blogs.

  1. To enter, just leave me a comment, telling me what tips you have for keeping your home tidy during the summer when the kids are home. How do you not lose your mind with the summertime messes and all of the sand and dirt?
  2. Winners will be contacted by BISSELL so good luck! I’d love to see one of my readers win!!
  3. Giveaway officially ends on May 16, 2016.

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  1. I try to clean the mess at least once a day. Usually at night I’ll tidy up so the dirt isn’t dragged all over the place. If it’s a little mess, I’ll sweep it up right away, but for big cleanups I like to do that when the kids are settled down.

  2. I am a teacher so being home more in the summer means that the house is cleaner because I have time to clean it!

  3. I try to tackle cleaning a different room each day!
    addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com
    Ashley C

  4. I do lose my mind. My girls are extremely messy for some reason. I just constantly pick up so that it doesn’t pile up. My oldest daughter will be driving this year and if she wants money for gas she is going to have to start helping out more. Thank you!

  5. To keep your house in order during the summer, do one hour of cleaning each morning while the kids watch cartoons.

  6. My kids are small enough that clean-up can still be turned into a game. “No playing until you pick up your stuff!” also still works 🙂

  7. There is NO way to keep the house clean during the summer. I try to stay on top of it by vacuuming every few days…it seems useless sometimes!!

  8. I have two dogs that shed a lot, we vacuum and sweep the floors every other day, if we don’t we would have dog hair everywhere.

  9. I used to use “disinfecting wipes” for quick clean ups on short notice. But of course, I didn’t really want to use the chemicals or create all that waste. My tip for quick clean ups is to use a spray bottle of cleaner and a pile of reusable rags as “wipes.”
    The key is to skip any rinsing out of the rags. What you’ll need: a pile of small rags (I tear up old bed sheets), a spray bottle of your favorite cleaner and a basket or bucket in which to collect the dirty rags. Just spray, wipe with a rag until you need a fresh one, toss the dirty rag into your basket, go on wiping with a clean rag. It is just as quick as wipes!
    Ideally, you just happen to be doing a load of laundry compatible with the rags within the next 24 hours and can toss the rags right into your washer. Otherwise it is a good idea to spread them out (over a waiting basket of laundry or in the sun or on a rack–you don’t have to do a great job) to dry.

  10. I’ve been leaving my shoes at the door, and that seems to really limit the amount of dirt tracked in, which helps keep the house cleaner.

  11. Every entry way to the house – especially the one coming in and out from the pool yard has a great mat and a shoe rack. Feet get wiped, shoes come off before they come in. I have found that if you can keep the dirt from the outside out as much as possible, the less cleanup needed overall

  12. Let the kids clean with you. Choose age-appropriate cleaning tasks and let your kids clean right along with you. Give them a mini cleaning bucket or tote, a spray bottle with water or non-toxic cleaner, a duster, and a microfiber cloth and they can dust and clean their rooms and the rest of the house right along with you.

  13. I clean up and pick up several times a day so it does not get bad. I usually end up vacuuming several times a day to keep up with the kids tracking things in and the cat hair

  14. We have everyone take off their shoes in the entryway to try to limit the dirt that is tracked in.

  15. I have Terrazzo floors so I vacuum every night after we eat.. We do not wear shoes in the house and of course no pets either but we still manage to get it dirty it happens.My tip is just to clean everyday yes I am tired after work but I just do it..Its a stress reliever also to clean:)

  16. I always have the kids clean up after themselves any time they leave rooms. We also have a shower outside so the kids can wash off their feet if they get sand on them! it helps a lot!

  17. The kids need are required to pitch in to clean up dishes in the dishwasher and emptied. Floors need to be scrubbed and vacuumed. We live In a neat household.
    It frees up for more quality family time in the afternoon and evening.

  18. Everyone pitches in! That way it doesn’t take as long and no one gets overwhelmed. 🙂

  19. Clutter destroys order. Take a 5 minutes every night to pick up the loose clutter throughout your house. Clean surfaces portray cleanliness.

  20. My biggest tip for keeping my home tidy during the summer when the kids are home is to involve them in the cleaning. It helps keep them busy and connected to how the house looks as we are all in the space together more. This is how I do not lose my mind with the summertime messes and all of the sand and dirt. Delegate, delegate, delegate!

  21. I am a single dad raising all 5 of my kids and it has come to the point I have to ask them for help. We will turn on the music and clean together. My youngest is 7 and oldest twin daughters who just turned 13 so they are capable. I will keep up with the kitchen messes and most of the other things belong to them anyway. I try to keep after them all to put things away as soon as I see someone leave them. Not always easy but we try to just keep up with it all.

  22. I have my daughter help with what she can. Otherwise I do a big cleaning day when she’s at her dads

  23. My husband and I clean the house together we have a big house with 3 girls and 2 dogs and 3 cats so i am always cleaning up daily we also have a 16 year old daughter who helps around the house i have a 9 year old and a 13 year old who plays outside all the time, this time of year it is messy because it rains alot in PA we need a really good vacuum to help to clean at my house denise smith

  24. I try to just stay on it. It’s easy to procrastinate. I have pets and kids so keeping up is always a chore. I’d love to win this because my vacuum broke.

  25. I just make sure I keep up with my housework and have the kids help clean up also.

  26. We have to set a schedule and go by that. This includes cleaning. One of the things I learned early on is that I can;t sweat the small stuff. I have to let kids be kids; therefore, I allow them time to just be and not go crazy over cleaning. I try to pick up after them and when necessary we do chores prior to doing bigger things. Plus, I tell them you want friends over, place has got to be clean.

  27. I get the kids to clean up. Also keep a routine at bedtime of cleaning. I hate waking up to mess.

  28. I make a list of jobs every day and my children know that they need to help with the list before they get free time to do what they want.

  29. I give my dog brewers yeast pills once it starts getting warmer out to reduce shedding. Helps me not to have to vacuum daily. It also helps cut down yellow spots on the lawn!

  30. During the summer, I feed the kids outside for at least one meal a day. I use the picnic table for snacks such as fresh fruits, especially watermelon. That way clean up is quick and easy. I also make the kids go around to the patio in the back yard where I have set up a makeshift mud room. They have to remove their shoes and put their shoes in their own plastic basket and put on their slippers to wear inside. It really cuts down on them tracking in mud and sand and other dirt on their shoes. Now, if I could just figure out a way to keep them from bringing all the bugs, frogs and other critters in the house, I would have it made.

  31. The kids help around the house and I try not to stress out about perfection when cleaning.

  32. I try to lower my standards. The kids won’t be kids forever, and a little sand and dirt in the house means they’ve been playing outside instead of watching TV.

  33. Always clean from top to bottom! You don’t want to have to do it all over again! 🙂 I vaccuum almost everyday to keep me happy plus I include it as a workout so no time taken up!

  34. During the Summer due to having a pool that we love, we have the grandkids over alot. Between the grandkids and our four resident cats it is almost impossible to keep the floors clean! I need the cleaning Force of the Bissell Upright Powerforce to get the embedded dirt and hair!

  35. During the summer we do a mudroom cleanup daily…kids make sure all their stuff is put into their lockers and they take turns vacuuming out there so sand and dirt don’t make their way into the rest of the house!

  36. I do not have a clean home in the summer. We spend everyday at the beach. Maybe with the Helix I would enjoy vacuuming more!

  37. Shoes into closet upon entering, I need to see the floor too, so I get them to get stuff up off the floor.

  38. every time the kids or i leave the room we are in we look around to see if there are messes we can take are of. heavensent1988 at yahoo dot com

  39. My tip is to take it one mess or chore at a time and don’t let things get behind. If you have children, get them involved by using a chore chart and offering incentives.

  40. I make sure every night my son puts all his toys away. We have a rule here: what is left out goes into “toy time out” for a undisclosed amount of time. Good behavior can get the toy out.

  41. My one tip is to take your shoes off as soon as you enter so that you don’t end up tracking in all of the dirt from outside.

  42. I have welcome mats outside each entrance door and inside each and ask that the kids take off their shoes. We live at the beach and try and keep the sand outdoors!

  43. I actually tidy up the house when it is nap time and also when they go to bed in the evening so I don’t fall behind.

  44. I try not to worry too much about the dirt. I have been training my dogs to let me wipe their feet and I’ve taught my son to take his shoes off at the door, that helps a lot right there.

  45. I am at work while they are home with my husband so I cannot watch them during the day. They are constantly in and out of the house. My kids have chores from unloading the dishes to vacuuming. They know the less mess they make the easier it is to clean up.

  46. I just try to do a little bit each day to keep things as neat and clean as possible. I don’t stress about it. I just enjoy life.

  47. My favorite summer cleaning tip is to have the kids do it, but the
    quality of the work is usually sub-par!! Another tip for the outside of
    the home is a pressure washer. You never realize how dingy your home is
    until you spray it with a pressure washer.

  48. I try to clean a little bit each day and their shoes come off when they come back in the house.

  49. I clean a little bit each day so it doesn’t get overwhelming. The children each have their own chores to do.

  50. I just do a little bit of cleaning everyday so it doesn’t pile up. Sometimes, it’s better to just have fun instead of worrying about dirt too.

  51. I watch my grandkids during the summer months and I have a chore chart for them while they are with me. The chores need to be done before we head out for the day to a new adventure. As a grandmother, I have more patience with all of the messes.

  52. I have those long runner carpets in front of the door. they catch all the stuff from outside.. a simple vacuum of those and mess is gone. no time for a quick vacuum..just roll them up when guests show up unexpected.. vacuum them later.

  53. We don’t use the front door to much in the summer, so we just keep a small rug up front. This helps a lot with dirty shoes. Now in the back I have a large carpet, 4×3, that catches almost everything. Still in need of some sweeping but not nearly as much as there would be without.

  54. I get the kids involved in cleaning. It teaches them respect for the place they live not to want it dirty

  55. Do a little bit each day so it doesn’t pile up. Open the windows get some fresh air flowing.

  56. My tip is to clean frequently because when you keep up with things it is usually a lot quicker and simpler than letting the mess pile up.

  57. As cliche as it sounds, we keep a chore chart to help us keep on track with what needs to be done. Helps to see it on paper.

  58. I don’t have kids or pets so it’s pretty easy to keep my house clean. I like the light weight of this Bissell. Thanks for the contest.
    slehan at juno dot com

  59. I don’t have children at home now, but they always helped clean up at the end of the day so our mornings started fresh.

  60. Have the kids do their part and be responsible not only for their own messes but for general chores around the house. Make it a family effort and teach children about responsibility and cleanliness! And of course, keep Bissell on hand for all those summer messes!

  61. We keep things tidy by using an index card system. Each chore has an index card & they are separated by days in a card box. Everyone pulls a card out each day and that’s their chore of the day!

  62. To enter, just leave me a comment, telling me what tips you have for keeping your home tidy during the summer when the kids are home.

    We have the kids stay at other people’s homes as much as possible. Just encourage the kids to keep making friends and to keep asking of they can spend the night.

    How do you not lose your mind with the summertime messes and all of the sand and dirt?

    Mind. We lost many moons ago. Mamma, is that you?

  63. We keep things tidy by having multiple bins for different storage. The kids know exactly where to put their shoes, jackets, toys, clothes, etc. They know the routine and where everything belongs so it helps keep things tidy. We also make sure that everyone removes their shoes when entering the house to keep dirt under control.

  64. My tip is everyone having a designated task and we spend a certain amount of time cleaning together. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway 🙂

  65. I do light cleaning throughout the week so we don’t have as much to do on weekends. When spills happen, we clean up right away;) thanks for the chance!
    Jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  66. Leave your shoes at the door, I can’t stress this enough! We have a plastic tray by the door for all of our shoes and we make family members take theirs off and leave them there too. You can’t force it on guests, but a lot of our friends have the same rule at home and don’t mind at all. If you leave the shoes at the door you leave a lot of the dirt there too.

  67. We find that a quick mop of the kitchen floor every day during the summer keeps most of the dirt the kids track in confined to the kitchen.


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