RACOP RS2 for Cleaning Dust, Pollen and Bacteria

Dust mites gross me out but they are everywhere, especially on mattresses. A single mattress can have up to 10 million dust mites. For someone who is allergic, that spells misery. Now think of the dust mites on your upholstered chairs, fancy throw pillow or drapes. These are all items in your home that you cannot easily clean or might not think to clean.

Both my husband and my daughter are allergic to dust mites, meaning they sneeze, have scratchy throats, runny noses and for my daughter, she itches like crazy. Which means, I am at war with dust mites and luckily I have the RAYCOP RS2 on my side.

The RAYCOP purifiers patented RayClean Technology® uses UV sanitization, pulsating pads, a purification filter and suction to extract bacteria, pollen and house dust.  This into the future Jetson looking device has three cleaning levels (heavy, normal and delicate) allowing you to clean different fabrics with care. To suck those dust mites out of a mattress, use heavy. Just think of all the surfaces in your home that you could clean!

The sofa that dog loves to claim as his own – time to get rid of the pet dander and all the bacteria that the pooch brings with him!

The guest mattress that your great grandmother gave you – yuck, how old is that and how much dust has collected on the mattress after all of these years?

How about the dry clean only rug that will cost a fortune to clean and so it therefore never is cleaned?

The list goes on.

With the RAYCOP RS2 you can win the battle with the dirt, bacteria and pollen. You can help clean the unseen and give those with allergies, relief.

Watch how easy it is to use the RAYCOP RS2 as I clean a 13-year-old chair in my office:

Disclaimer:  I was sent this product to review and compensated for my time. My thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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