Time to think spring cleaning and step one is to get organized! Here are some tips I’ve learned in the past about getting organized and yes it is a BIG job!  These pictures prove it is possible to declutter and organize your home in one day (okay, portions of your home)! The organizing even become contagious! I won’t lie to you, it is a ton of work and at times it might seem overwhelming. Just tell yourself you cannot go online or take a phone call until you get one room done!  Once the house is torn apart you won’t be able to stop anyhow!


Lessons Learned:

Stuff Accumulates. It comes from the sky or some hole in the wall? I truly do not know where some of the items came from.

We Need Less. I need to more vigilant and reducing what I buy, the reviews I accept and the gifts my children get. We just do not need all of the stuff to live a happy life.

Recycle, Reuse and Giveaway. In an effort to not just toss everything I did not want I recycled as much as possible or tried to find new uses for items.

Tips and Pointers for Getting Organized and Saying No to Clutter:

Plan. Set a plan for what you want to organize, the time line and how you will organize the space. Will you use new storage containers, boxes or bags? A great website for inspiration is Get Buttoned Up!

Organize First. Before you start making a huge mess have a box for recycling, a box for charity and one box for garbage.

Round Up the Troops. Grab some helpers or motivate others to help you and the time with fly by!

Music. Some good tunes will set the mood and you’ll have fun dancing, singing and feeling the groove while you get organized.

Be sure to check out Healthy Child Healthy World for a wonderful spring cleaning checklist because while you’re working on organization you might as well clean!

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  1. Great job!
    I'm a podcast junkie. I keep my phone loaded with my favorite geeky tech shows and listen while I do the household chores I hate the most (organizing, decluttering, folding laundry). It's not perfect, but it helps.


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