I love my reusable totes. I have all sorts of them and use them for a variety of reasons. It’s nice to have some that are fashionable and trendy for shopping downtown or for just looking hip and eco-savvy. Can’t we all relate? I also like to use them for gifts, instead of wrapping paper or cheap bags that just get tossed or ripped.

Recently I was sent a Good Green Bag and I’m over the moon for this bag. It’s black and white and looks very sexy and sassy, if I do say so myself. The tote folds up so neat and tidy that it’s perfect for the glove compartment or better yet my purse! I thought for sure I would never be able to fold it up neatly again, wrong…it was a cinch. The bags come in a few different eco-trendy prints and a variety pack.

I’m thinking I might get the variety pack to have for gifts, thank you presents and holidays. I like to be prepared. The totes are reusable, recyclable and multi-purpose. What differentiates Goody Green Bag apart from all the other reusable totes on the market, their assortment of prints for a low price. I love looking good, helping the environment and doing so cheaply.  That’s what happens when you take style mama and introduce her to eco mama! A partnership is formed and we all reap the benefits!