No, Grandma Lucy is not my grandma and the diner is an online diner for dog and cat owners to get natural and organic food for their beloved pets. I did want to name my daughter Lucy though! This diner is hip, fun and full of great choices that you’ll have to check out. The menu for dogs include yummy choices such as pot roast meat balls, cheeseburger meatballs or organic pumpkin baked dog biscuits (just to name a few)! A natural alternative with no salt or sucrose, no preservatives or by-products and organic options that are USDA approved. Everything is manufactured in the USA and the company is owned by a lovely couple in California that have two adorable children. They started the company six years ago out of love for their dog Lucy. Now that’s a company worth supporting and heck if you’re going to go green and buy natural and organic choices for you family, shouldn’t your pooch eat well too?

Did you know that cancer and obesity is on the rise for cats and dogs? Yup. If our animals eat like crap with fats, oils, chemically manufactured ingredients and additives with by-products and loaded with salt… they have health problems just like we do! If you want your family pet to live a long time and have a healthy shiny coat you need to make good choices for them. Makes sense to me. If it’s the price your worried about think about how much higher your vet bill will be if you don’t take care of your little barking or meowing sweetie. We had two St. Bernard’s, Anne and Jake, that would have gobbled up the meatballs and I wish I would have known about this company when we had these two monsters! Now we have Rex and it makes me revisit this quality company and think of the importance of natural pet food.

I’m sharing this information with you because I love to find made in the USA companies owned by families that actually care and are natural or organic. Do your four footed friend a favor and give natural and organic dog food a chance and find a location near you or buy from a approved online dealer.

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