Christmas is over. I’ve survived! Barely but I’m here typing with a steaming hot cup of coffee and the children enjoying their morning PBS before we head off for the day.  It’s been a whirlwind these last few days! The children woke at 5 am excited that Santa had left them too many presents under the tree. I was blurry eyed but smiling as they ran down the stairs (Mrs. Clause didn’t sleep until 1 am).  Before my coffee was even done, the children had torn through the gifts and were happily jumping, laughing and playing. It was a grand time and memorable. My daughter decided to not sleep that night and climbed out of her crib hourly to enjoy her new dollhouse.

I’m still recovering from the lack of sleep, the dangerous hurdles from the crib led us to the “big girl bed” sooner than I expected. The first night my Twitter pals helped me through the ordeal of getting her to stay in bed. It was rough and from 2:30 am – 4:30 am she decided she was up for the day. I slept at the foot of her bed and then at the door! Last night we all slept soundly with no climbing out of bed and only after two times of being put back into bed, she stayed.

The holiday “break” sure has been memorable but now I’m back to work and hitting the keyboard. I’ve worked a bit here and there but excitedly I want to invite you head over the Green and Clean Mom Community. I’ve struggled with this for a long time, a way to provide what I’ve learned, what I know and how I do what I do (blogging, social networking, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, etc) with my readers. The Green and Clean Mom Community now has a group just for this and I’ll regularly be participating and contributing. I will also begin offering once a month webinars at a low cost with monthly special guests and you get to call the shots and pick the topics!  So please, head on over and join this group. I get emails almost daily asking me questions but now I get to send you the Green and Clean Mom Coaching Group and actually cover topics in depth! Sharing with you my secrets, tricks and how to of blogging! I’m super excited about this and how you are too! I coach companies on how to have a Web 2.0 strategy and use blogging but now I get to help the bloggers and that’s inspiring. Join me.

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