Okay, back off and let me explain.  Remember, Heidi our outdoor guru from Outdoor Baby?  Well, I consulted her on this little green conundrum.  Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote to her and to find out her answer and thoughts visit her site for the advise she gives me and hubby. Keep in mind, I’ve admitted to not liking tent camping and I’m trying to meet in the middle here. I’ve also said I wanted an R.V. not that I was buying one tomorrow. Oh, and if you missed the post on me driving an SUV, click here.

“Okay so here it is! My husband works like crazy and has his own business. It’s hard to get away for long periods of time. We live in Northern Michigan where fishing and camping is common. We like to take long weekends but I’m a hoteler not a camper. I like to take a shower and sleep on a bed. I don’t mind hiking, boating and all the other outdoor fun stuff; I just don’t want to sleep in a tent on the ground. So we have a timeshare we are going to sell. We never use it because we can’t get away for long periods of time. Flying is so expensive, too. Plus my hubby doesn’t really like the beaches and resorts like I do. So were trying to compromise and find away to vacation, see things, enjoy the outdoors and do things we both like.”

Just like purchasing a new vehicle, I have been doing extensive research on RV camping, environmental consequences and ways to “green” up your RV camping. I am very happy with some of my finds and discoveries.  Seeing that there are many families (8 million U.S. Families) out there that do use recreational vehicles I thought this was a necessary topic to cover and throughout the week I will be exploring ways to green your RV camping because yes, it is possible!

Labor day might be the end of camping for some families but for others who camp year around or are considering purchasing a recreation vehicle, I am hoping this will be invaluable information. Perusing through the internet and my favorite RSS feeds I came to The Green Parent and her recent post on RV camping and how it is indeed a green option, depending on how you look at it and she refers to an expert of green travel!

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I am very much intrigued by the idea of heating, cooling, fueling and living in a minimal space with minimal supplies and it somehow being called “ungreen” in comparison to what? For me this is in comparison to vacationing at home, vacationing a far and having to fly and then rent a car and stay in a hotel that is probably far from “green”. I think the comparison for many is to tent camping and from my conversations, emails and research, I am finding that there is quite a click of devoted tent campers and devoted RV and camper fans. Is one better than the other depends on who you ask and their camping experience.

What you want to get out of the experience and how earth friendly you choose to make the experience, tenting or RV’ing is a big point to be made.  There are several campers that use tents and aren’t so environmentally friendly. They might not respect the environment, leave nature as they found it and they might litter, to name a few examples. The same can be found of a person using a camper or RV. Regardless of what you choose to use, how you want to camp and convene with nature and Mother Earth it is important to green it, the best you can. My family, personally, will be looking at ways to green our camper or RV experience in the hopeful future. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the next few posts to follow as I continue to explore this topic and give you more insight on how exactly camping with an RV or pull along camper can be “green”. I’ll look at the difference between tent camping, RV camping and pull along campers. I’ll explore what is exactly “ungreen” about using an RV or camper and tips for green RV camping and some new and upcoming Eco-friendly campers, supplies and events!

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