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Valentines Day is just around the corner and even though the colors are generally red or pink, I say make this Valentines a shade of green.  For your loved ones this Valentines Day think organic, sustainable, Eco-friendly and green. Green and Clean Mom wants to arm you with plenty of ideas to help make this holiday more than just a Hallmark holiday for your loved one. It’s easy to say you don’t care about Valentines or don’t celebrate but we all love getting the delicious chocolates, sparkling jewelry or fragrant flowers-don’t deny it!

To help make Valentines some shade of green try some of these Eco-friendly Valentine tips:

1.  Shop green. Yes, go online instead of driving anywhere and choose online shops that are Eco-friendly with sustainable business practices. Nubius Organics offers free shipping on all items over $50 in the U.S. and they are currently having a 20-60% off winter sale. Take advantage of this and buy your sweet heart something on sale, don’t pay shipping AND save gas! Personally I love the Lotta Jansdotter bag, which just happens to be on sale.

2.  Flowers for a Cause. If you love flowers or usually buy flowers for your loved one for Valentines Day, choose National Wildlife Federation Daisies
or Healthy Child Gerbera Daisies. Support a good cause and be a little different this year with daisies verses roses – they’re so cheerful!

3.  Decadent Organic Chocolates. All chocolate is not created equal. On Valentines Day treat your heartthrob with Swiss Certified
20 Piece Truffle Gift Box
of chocolate that uses European Union organic standards. Meaning, no chemicals or toxins, sustainable farming techniques, the ecosystem is protected and biodiversity is conserved. The chocolate melts in your mouth with no artificial flavors or waxy taste. A true Valentines treat.

4.  Bamboo Necklace. Jewelry is often a typical Valentines Day gift for women but it usually sparkles. This year go Bamboo with an Eco-timber non-toxic necklace. It’s an attractive piece that is truly sustainable. Locally made in Vancouver Canada.

5.  Ditch the Gifts. Make Love. Yes, I said it. Valentines Day is about getting your groove on – or it can be. So choose a natural romantic line of products to help make your Valentines Day sexy and green. You’re love one might think this is the best gift idea ever. Wink. Wink.

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