Are you feeling lazy today? Good! It use to be that lazy was an excuse, well not anymore.  Mr. Josh Dorfman and the Sundance Channel are proving that you can be both lazy and green at the same time. In commemoration of Earth Day, Sundance Channel will present a new season of its original series, “The Lazy Environmentalist” on April 20th.

Dorfman’s credo is that greening the planet doesn’t have to be complicated. Each episode operates on the theory that consumers should not settle for an expensive and/or inferior product simply because it’s environmentally-friendly. Dorfman has two goals: one is to help viewers find green solutions that are easy, attractive and improve their daily lives; the other is to have fun with the entire process and keep it light spirited. The episodes are only a half hour long but are entertaining and educational. The episodes range in “green” topics. Some of the topics include greening the laziest of the laziest; a fraternity house, showing a classroom how they can reduce the paper consumption in their school, the benefits of using an electric powered bicycle, tips on cutting down on your picnic waste, and more. It really is a cute series. If you want to preview some clips of the series you can check them out on flicker, youtube, and the Sundance Channel. Enjoy being lazy and green!