My daughter and I like to go to church together and I volunteer in our local youth group that my daughter participates in. I like to do this for several reasons. I like the sense of community, the lessons that are taught to my daughter, the continual respect and love that is reinforced for God and the guidance that I receive from the elders. I am not as well versed in scripture as I wish I was so going to church gives me the ability to learn more, which in turn I can pass onto my daughter. The youth group and Sunday school that my daughter attends helps both her and I with the teachings of the Lord in easy understand terms. Believe it or not sometimes I look at the kids bible to get a clearer understanding for what I am about to read or already read. It’s not always easy teaching your child about God or the hard lessons of life so the more help and simplistic means of doing so is what works for me. Green Bible Stories for Children helps do just that. It helps put the teaching of God and the respect for the world and the environment in an easy to understand and hands on ways.

Beginning with the story of Creation, the Bible teaches us to use and respect the land, conserve natural resources, and save energy. From Noah’s lesson of biodiversity to Abraham’s lesson on sustainable herding, to Joseph’s ability to plan ahead for the unfortunate wraths of mother nature to the first lesson on recycling, etc. are all retold and reinforced with activities in the story book that will help young readers understand how to nurture and protect the environment.

After each green bible story is a fun activity or lesson such as planting a garden, making natural pest control, creating a survival kit, harvesting salt, making saltwater in to fresh water, and lessons about keeping the environment clean, allowing trees to mature and urban planning. This book is a great way to introduce yourself or child to the green movement, to help your child see the correlation between the bible and environmentalism, and just a great way to enjoy fun family activities together.

I started reading the stories to my daughter even though she’s only 3 and this book is best suited for children ages 8-11. I can get part way through the stories and enjoy partaking in some of the activities with her. She is a bit young for the book but I actually enjoyed it myself. It was a refresher course for me and helped me think about things a little differently. Even though I am not wishing the precious years of my daughters childhood away I am looking forward to using this book throughout the different ages and stages of her life.

The book is only 48 pages long, and an easy read with fun activities so it’s a great book to use at home or in a youth group at your local church. I am planning on giving a copy to our youth director to use for the older kids at church. It’s a fun and resourceful book that I hope you all can enjoy. Have a Blessed and Green Day!

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