I’m buying a new vehicle (my husband doesn’t know this yet). What I want is not practical for where I live or what I need it for. I have a family of four. We live where it snows (lots of snow people) October through March and sometimes April. I drive back roads almost daily. For my business I haul lots of stuff, along with the kids, strollers and groceries. My husband has the perception that bigger is safer and the more mass the more protected his family is. He doesn’t care about gas prices or the environment when it comes to his family. The day we brought my son home from the hospital, he took us home and went to the dealership and bought me a Yukon XL. Ask me if I was green then and I’ll say, no, but the SUV is green!

Scream at me now, I really don’t care! I am so tired of people being judgmental about going green and doing things earth friendly. It is stupid. If I want to drive a gas hog but use reusable bags then that is my business. Isn’t it better that I used the reusable bags then the plastic? I have people write me and say they don’t know why they bother trying because they’re never “green” enough. EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS! I could go buy a hybrid but that doesn’t mean I’m green or more earth friendly. Just yesterday, I saw somebody at the grocery store whip in with their hybrid smoking a toxic cig, threw the gum wrapper in the parking lot and had no reusable bags in tow. You know what they were buying? Toxic cleaning products! Driving a hybrid doesn’t make someone more earth loving than me or better and visa versa. There are lots of myths out there about hybrids and one of them is that they are more fuel efficient and have lower emissions, read myth number three from this article. A car does say a lot about who you are and what you believe but that timely saying, “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover”, should very much apply. Even The Daily Green posted an article about the misconceptions of “green” cars and it would do everyone some good to take a gander.

In my research for vehicles and pricing, I decided to check out a favorite site of mine, Tree Hugger. I found a recent post from one of their “tree huggers” that bought a SUV that was not a hybrid. I was even a little surprised but as I read through the interview and then the comments I understood. I became upset with the judgmental comments made but not surprised. Buying a car is a personal choice and you cannot change the perception or feeling of safety, case in point…my husband. What a person drives should not dictate who they are or how eco-savvy they are. If we want more moms and more people to do better things for the Earth and be more “green”, all of us need to be supporting even the smallest of choices and changes. A family that simply switches to organic milk and begins composting is making a difference, whether they drive a hybrid or not!

Seeing that I don’t live in the city, there’s no public transportation, I frequent snowy back roads and have a family, I will not be choosing a bike or a small hybrid. This doesn’t mean I don’t want one and it does not imply I am any less eco-savvy then the mom driving a hybrid. Thumbs up to her! When you and the kids need a ride maybe we can car pool and we’ll use my vehicle! What vehicle will I choose? Not a GMC, if I have my way! I’m really unsure at this point but I’m leaning towards a mini-van. If any car companies want me to do some test driving to make up my mind, I’ll love to do the review! LOL! I’ll let you all know when I decide but until then, keep you mean SUV opinions to yourself and start worrying about what choices you’re making and how you’re helping to support others out there going green. Passing judgment and acting holier than though doesn’t really do the “Green” movement any justice.

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