Motherhood is one of those deep words. The meaning is usually so entwined with emotions and attachments that it has me stumbling to figure out how to briefly describe the word. I went through digital photo album after digital photo album trying to find one picture to describe the raw emotion of the word, motherhood. I learned I had very few pictures of with of me and my children together. I’m mostly behind the camera. The first time I looked at this picture, I smiled, paused and remembered the moments. The moment of excitement and glee, teaching my son about a starfish. The moment of discovery when he touched the water and felt the creature and the giggle that came out of his mouth. The moment of relief that he did not cry but enjoyed the experience and wanted to touch it again! Motherhood for me is just that, moments that nobody can take away from me. You might not see anything special when you look at this picture (other than I have way longer hair) but I see irreplaceable moments and this photo captured them and helps me to remember them. Enter you photo in the motherhood contest.

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