Clean and Polish Your Stainless Steel Fridge Naturally!

Green cleaning your stainless steel appliances does not have to be hard or expensive! I hate smudges on my shiny stainless steel appliances. I can’t help it, it just drives me NUTS. A long time ago I was a  bit over the top about it. Someone would touch the fridge and I’d go all OCD on them. It was one way of keeping them out of the kitchen but we have to eat and I don’t need to scare people out of the kitchen! And honestly, who needs to freak out continually over smudges? If you have kids, they’re going to happen. Finger prints galore and we have just have to deal with it.

Over at Mother Earth News I’m sharing my tips for naturally cleaning stainless steel appliances and I promise you, it’s easy. If you can make a Gin and Tonic, you can clean your fridge. Seriously, and it makes it more fun!

Head on over to Mother Earth News and check out my DIY solution for a shiny stainless steel appliance without having to use expensive chemical cleaners.

Do you have any tips for cleaning stainless steel appliances naturally or do you just ignore the finger prints?


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