In less than two weeks, my husband and I are going on a mini vacation. It’s actually a trip for his business but we’re making it a little time away together. It’s a much needed break from the daily grind. Our two children will be staying with their godparents. We are so grateful for their help. Actually, were indebted and someday we will be watching their children (three and probably four) as a pay back. The children will be extremely well taken care of and have a blast but that doesn’t put my worries aside. Typical mommy worries. Will they cry for me, miss me, be sad, think I’m not coming back, eat well and sleep well? I worry that they will get hurt and I’m not there to kiss their boo-boo or cuddle them if they have a bad dream. It’s a rather bad feeling to have as a parent. Then, I reassure myself that they will be busy and our best friends, who love them as their own, will do exactly what we would do. I tell myself I need this break and time with my husband to reconnect and recharge. It will help to make me a better mommy when I return.

My dear friend, Amber, will need to be recharged when I return! Bless her heart! I am so grateful to have her and want to show her and her husband how much we appreciate them taking care of our children. Trusting someone to watch your children is a big deal. It’s a lot of responsibility and work on their part. What do I do for them or give them as a gift of thanks? This is where I need your help! What would you want? Someday we’ll watch their children so that doesn’t count. It can’t cost a fortune and has to be practical.

Help me by posting your ideas and I will pick one idea, by Friday, March 7th. Assuming that there is an idea I like, the winner will receive one of my favorite green cleaning products! It’s amazing and replaces a bleach or oxi-clean and treats just about any stain. I seriously love this stuff! When you post you need to make sure I have your first name and a way to contact you. You can always contact me with your idea at the left side of this blog, above my picture.

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