Do you have a favorite restaurant that you go to? We have a few but there is one in particular that we hit up if we are running late during the week and want a healthy quality dinner but don’t have time to cook. The owners of the restaurant are personal friends of ours and superb Chefs. While I love their cooking, quality food and friendship I do have a personal dislike for their lack of environmental friendly operations. Tonight was one of those off nights and my husband brought home our favorite healthy dinner which includes couscous, pita bread, and marinated chicken, Yummy! The dinner is delicious but like many establishments it comes wrapped in a box of styrofoam, as do the beverages.

So this is a shout out to all our green readers, what would you do? Do you zip your lip and continue to enjoy their cuisine with a slight cringe every time you order out or do you say something? If this was a planned outing I could easily bring my own containers but it’s usually when things aren’t going as planned and we need a quick plan B.

Are you the type of person that asks an establishment to look into greener options, do you take the styrofoam container home with your goodies, do you waste the food, or do you eat your entire plate when eating in?


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