The environment is one of the most important things to take care of, and this is a lesson that children must learn at a young age so they grow up appreciating the environment. One of the best ways to get children to understand and respect the environment is create activities that will get school children thinking and actively helping. Green fundraising is a perfect way to raise money for an important cause while educating a generation on how to take care of the environment.

Green fundraising should involve selling products that are known to be friendly to the environment. Students should be able to create products or gain access to products that can be sold for fundraising that can be called environmentally safe. One of the most important things to use is recycled goods. There are plenty of safe and fun projects that can be used in order to support green fundraising.

Selling bags made out of recyclable material is a good community project that can be done between students, teachers and participating volunteers. Tote bags are popular items for many different reasons, and tote bags made out of recycled material are even more popular with eco-friendly folk. With so many people going green and using their own bags for things like groceries and shopping, eco-friendly bags can be a big hit!

Another great green fundraiser that could be done in schools is a gardening project. Students can plant gardens from seeds on up. Many schools already are creating their own compost bins, and the combination of the two would make for a great garden. Once products are ready for sale, students could hold their own version of a farmer’s market with people buying natural and healthy products and contributing to a great cause.

It is important to make sure that when advertising for a green fundraiser, don’t use a strategy that could be considered unfriendly to the environment. For example, don’t use non-recycled paper to post fliers all over the place, as that would appear to be counter-productive. If deciding to go with the garden idea, don’t bring chemicals or anything unnatural into the mix! It sends out a bad message to community and to the children. The next generation is ready to go green at a young age, so be sure to help them start right!

Amy Lombard is the marketing director at Mixed Bag Designs, a green fundraising company that offers smart and stylish reusable bags. When not riding her bike around the Bay Area, Amy is busy helping school fundraisers across the country reach their goals with Mixed Bag Designs’ eco-friendly products.

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