Have you heard of CowPots? I had no idea what a CowPot was but when I thought of the two words put together, I took a guess…where a cow takes a poop? Funny enough, that’s exactly it…a biodegradable, environmentally friendly way to garden with cow manure!. Farmers have cow manure and need to do something with it, plants need nutrients and a pot, and the ground doesn’t need pollution to help grow the plants. It makes sense really. When I read the story, about the farmers who thought up this idea, I had to laugh and think of what I would do if my husband used my toaster for his cow manure experiment. I might be “green” and earth friendly but I would not be so crazy about cow manure in my kitchen. Didn’t I just post about E.coli???

Anyhow, these little pots sound great because they are made in the U.S.A., they’re a highly renewable resource, odor free and non-toxic, plants love the pots and grow like crazy because of the nutrients, and the pots decompose. It doesn’t really matter if you like cows, meat or milk, a cow is going to take a dump somewhere and a farmer will have to do something with it. Why not make money off the stuff and help the environment?

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In addition to CowPots, you can buy stories about using the CowPots from Chrissy the CowPot! If you want to do something fun this coming Earth Day or spring, you can get a CowPot kit that includes a story, a CowPot, finger puppets and seeds. A great gift for a spring birthday! My son loves planting stuff and when he was really little he was obsessed with cows (notice the picture)! What a fun, earth friendly weekend project!

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