Looking for that perfect fathers day or graduation gift? I’ve got another great site that was brought to my attention. Bob Lilienfield is the editor of the ULS Report which released its May 2010 newsletter, entitled Green Gifts for Dads ‘N Grads. It provides readers with tips for purchasing Father’s Day and Graduation gifts that are not just unusual, but unusually green, see examples below.

-“Green” mutual funds for graduates, helping them learn to save economic and ecologic resources.

Solar rechargers for gadgets like cell phones and iPods.

-Eco-friendly jewelry: self-winding watches and “reusable” heirlooms.

-Gifts of experience, rather than material goods.

-A new automotive device that eliminates the need to change the oil and reduces the need to frequently replace the oil filter.

The ULS Report is published monthly at www.use-less-stuff.com. The website is rated the #1 waste prevention site by Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Editor Bob Lilienfeld is a widely recognized authority on waste prevention and a monthly commentator on environmental issues for Fox TV. He is also co-author of the book Use Less Stuff: Environmental Solutions for Who We Really Are. Bob is also actively involved with the Wal-Mart sustainability initiative, serving on the Corporate Sustainability Index advisory team, Food/Agriculture Sustainable Value Network (SVN) and Waste SVN. He has also spoken extensively at their Packaging SVN, and participated in their Sustainable Dairy strategic planning initiatives.

I’m guessing Bob knows his “stuff”. Not only is the ULS report published on the use-less-stuff website but there’s other great information to digest as well. The site has an environmental impact analyzer which provides a simplified analysis of many of the major aspects contributing to the environmental impact of packaging: greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, and post-consumer solid waste. This website is informative and can help you to make more sustainable choices.

Good luck finding your dad and grad a green and practical gift, hope this website will guide you in the right direction.

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