green girls

Have you noticed how many websites and blogs there are? It seems like everyday I get a new email asking me if I’ve seen this site or heard of this blog. It’s overwhelming at times but way cool to see all the great content and information on motherhood, parenting, the environment and life. I love reading the different opinions and even though some aren’t crazy about product reviews, I like them. When I know the bloggers is genuine and I’ve come to trust the blogger and their opinion. Recently, I’ve been spending some time over at Green Girls Global and I’d like to give them a Tuesday Shout Out!

They’re my type of bloggers and women! They’re content is edgy, fun and even a bit sexy and sassy (wink. wink)!!! I love their tee’s and even though
I don’t live in the city I so want the “Chicks in the City” tee, which is organic by the way. Stop on over tell the Green Girl Global hello for me but don’t
forget to come back here!

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