Your eyes, your shoes, the new roof on your house, it’s a very versatile color because of the variety of shades. Thirty-three to be exact. I’m a huge fan of the color myself. I’m also a fan of Sloan Barnett. April 2007 Sloan and her husband, Roger Barnett were on the Oprah show. I’ve told this story a million times but I’ll tell it again. I was folding laundry, watching Oprah and Sloan came on and started talking about her son being in the hospital for asthma. I was captivated. It was my light bulb moment.

“Duh, the blue cleaner is not good for me to breath and my children. Oh, yeah, that’s why I get a headache. Hello?

I told my story to my BFF’s, Dori and Val, you can listen here or read more over at Healthy Child Healthy World. I was then introduced to the Shaklee line of cleaning products but had no earthly idea that I couldn’t buy them at a store. I went on a buying spree trying to find them or other green products. I dove in, head first trying to clean natural and green. I read Gorgeously Green, Green This, The Organic Housekeeper and several other great books. Most natural cleaners didn’t work well in my home because of granite and other surfaces. I wanted to find those Shaklee products and finally I did through Google which led me to become a Shaklee Distributor and then a few months later in August of 2008 see Roger and Sloan in Nashville. I’m sure they don’t remember me or that I was in a elevator with them. I remember them though. I remember there story and how it helped me change how I do things and this ended up leading into so many other “green” initiates. I also felt and still feel a connection, as a parent and as a parent with an asthmatic child.

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First, it began with my home environment but it continues, daily to lead to other things from hybrids, baby carrots and bleach, organic food choices, BPA free products, environmental activism, meeting and interacting with other moms like myself and the list can go on and on. Hence, Green and Clean Mom, LLC. Which is not about my Shaklee business. Rather, it is about all things green and all shades. Now, Sloan Barnett has a new book out called, Green Goes With Everything (giveaway below) I only wish that I had this resource when I began on my adventure and journey back in April of 2007!

Enviroblog writes about how they have partnered with Sloan Barnett to help create a body burden analysis based on your home environment. I did this test based on how I would have answered over a year ago and today. I am so happy that I have made the choices to rid toxic chemicals from my home environment and that I advocate and help others do the same.

Everyone starts somewhere. I hope I can raise my children to not have to start anywhere because they’re already on the path of leading green, environmentally friendly lives and being conscious of sustainability and their carbon footprint. Besides, just the wonderful book by Sloan Barnett there’s some great advice you can gleam from any of these television clips. Did you know, Sloan Barnett is a ivillage green editor and ivillage just partnered with Blogher?

I’d like to help sprinkle some green into your life by giving away two copies of Green Goes With Everything! Leave me a comment telling me why you would like to win this book. For an extra entry tweet or stumble this post and comment that you have done so. Easy as going green!

Giveaway will end October 8, 2008. See the offical rules for Green and Clean Mom giveaways.

Giveaway Closed. Winners Notified.

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