A dog named Rex, a dad named Derek and a teen (young adults) named Kenzie, what do these three have in common? They all are new contributing writers to the Green and Clean Mom Green Gurus! They will be giving you new points of views, perspectives and opinions on news, products, everything green and in between. How exciting and Green and Clean Mom is looking for a few more perspectives to add to the green gurus for Green and Clean Mom (perfection not required).

> Someone who knows all about technology and green and upcoming technology.

> Someone who is homeschooling and nature, simplicity and going green is a part of their curriculum, family life style and philosophy.

> A celebrity or super star. Yes, I know fat chance but hey, you never know who will visit my site or whose agent will. You never know until you put it out there and Cindy Crawford just might want to begin blogging for Green and Clean Mom in her spare time.

Green and Clean Mom wants to give you more content from varied points of view. Periodically, Melissa blogs about going green from a nurse’s perspective and Green and Clean Mom welcomes guest posts but on a regular basis you will be seeing the new team of contributors. A few other potential contributors should be sprouting up but I’ll keep those a secret for now but this page will grow.

Visit the green gurus page to learn more about the contributing authors and if you’d like to be a part of the Green and Clean Mom Green Gurus (better than the Love Gurus) visit this Green and Clean Mom guest article link for more information.

Having new perspectives opens up many more doors for readers and for companies wanting to appeal to a wider audience. Especially the teen and young adult audience. If you are looking to have something reviewed by Rex or Kenzie everything must pass inspection from the head green guru, Green and Clean Mom. To simplify this process visit the product submission page. Want Derek to check something out for you, use the contact form and it will be forwarded to him directly and he will be in contact with you but I’m not sure he does “reviews” so make sure the pitch rocks. He makes all of his own choices but he might consider your pitch, who knows?

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