HalloweenHalloween is fast approaching and my children are already discussing what they will dress up as! There are many great ideas for having an eco-friendly Haloween and making your dollar stretch. My son wore the same costume for three years so my biggest advice is go with your child’s passion and if you get lucky that passion will stick around and you’ll use the costume over and over again. My daughter insists on being a princess which has led me to either make the costume ( I do not sew and I’m not crafty) or find something I feel will be quality, isn’t covered in flame retardants and will cover a warm jacket for a cold night of saying, “Trick or Treat”. Which led me to do lots of online research that I’d love to share with you. For starters, my daughter will be wearing a lovely costume from Sarah Silks but if money is an issue or you’re looking for alternatives here are some tips:

 1. Go Gently Used. Online Visit Once Upon a Child or vistit your local thrift shops and garage sales.

2. Reuse and Reduce = saving money. Arrange a costume swap with friends. Have your friends bring over costumes they won’t be using and swap costumes for your children. It’s fun and it’s free! Besides you’ll be able to have an excuse to gab with your friends!

3. Choose safe face paint over masks. Children have such a tough time seeing when they have a mask on, so try Nova Naturals safe face paint.

For some more great eco-friendly Halloween ideas try these websites for inspiration:

Non-Toxic Kids

Green Halloween


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