Okay, I’m Green and Clean Mom and I’ve launched myself as an “expert” but really I’m learning and I’m just like everyone else out there. I just happen to concentrate on a topic, try a zillion green products, research tirelessly on environmental and green issues but I have questions too. I’m real behind this screen. With this said, I’m launching something new here at Green and Clean Mom, besides just videos. Thanks for the complements, by the way.

I’m reaching out to you. I’m asking you for help on some issues where I don’t have an opinion, I’m unsure of or shoot,  I figure you could help me. Help guide me. Help open my eyes. Point out something new to me. I learn from my readers and want to take advantage of this. I have some intelligent readers and your input is very important to me.

Here it goes, the very first “Green Help” post. Rain barrels are something I’m fascinated with.  I read about water conservation and ways to save water. The EPA says water is a limited resource and only 1% of the water on our Earth is usable. Wow! It just so happens that my husband and I have different opinions on this topic. My green help question is this:  Is it necessary to collect rainwater? Can we make more water?

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Seems like a silly question. I just read it and thought, duh.

Problem being, I have someone else to convince in my home and I need help. Here are his points:

1.  There is always water, it just changes form. Doesn’t mean clean water.

2. We can make more water, hydrogen and oxygen (H2O).

3. If we collect rainwater in a barrel does it really help make a difference?

4. Turn off the faucet to save energy not water.

5. The EPA says 1% is usable. So salt water can’t be made into safe drinking water?

I’m reaching out to you. I’m asking for your resources, guidance, answers or whatever information you can give me to help either prove my lovely husband wrong or right. What are your thoughts?

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