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Too bad there aren’t any local Green Irene Eco-Consultants in my neck of the woods. I’d invite them over and have some friends over too! We’d have a green home party for all of us to learn what we can do to go green.  Wouldn’t you love help replacing y our incandescent bulbs, installing low flow shower heads and having all the products (if you choose) right there with no guess work or wasting gas running to the store to get the products. Watch the video I made about Green Irene:

One thing I would love for Green Irene to do for my family is help us save money with energy and water conservation. A simple investment of only $133 could save $4,277 over seven years. Wow! Booking a green home makeover and focusing on the topic of water conservation means that Green Irene has what I need to make this savings possible and they’ll show me how and why. No guess work and I love that.  The water conservation kit only costs $133 and the two 1.59 gallon per minutes showerheads could save me $2,147 in energy and 71,540 gallons of water over the course of 7 years for my family of four taking a five minute shower daily.

Water conservation might not be an area where you need some greening but perhaps it is recycling, safety, toxic free living, waste reduction, emergency preparedness, water purity or indoor air quality. Green Irene has you covered and when you get your Green Home Makeover you get a six month membership to “Ask Green Irene”, which gives you access to a green data base full of frequently asked questions and researchers…right at your finger tips! For some, a EZ Bulb Swap Out might be a good start or a great gift for this holiday season, especially for an elderly neighbor, grandparent or out of town friend!  See how much money you can save with the Green Irene Bulb Saving Calculator by clicking here.

With the economy the way it is and everyone looking for ways to save and ride the green wave and do something good for the environment, Green Irene is a great solution! A solution, as well,  for those wanting to add to their business of cleaning homes, construction, consulting or someone just looking to start a business helping others go green.  Green business is growing and now couldn’t be a better time to get started and not have to pay hefty franchise fees, go back to school for training and figure out all the marketing. The founders of Green Irene have taken care of the research, training, support, and marketing and now they just need people who want to be Green Irene’s and if you have any questions, visit their frequently asked question page of perspective Green Irene Eco-Consultant.  Maybe that’s you or maybe you just need a Green home Makeover or think someone else needs one?

Another great thing about Green Irene that I love is the green holiday gift bags. Nine bags full of green gifts and you don’t have to wrap anything; it comes in a reusable bag! Thanks to Green Irene I have one green holiday gift bag to giveaway. Five ways to enter and if you do all three leave me three separate comments and one winner will randomly be drawn on Friday, December 12, 2008 (you should have it by Christmas)!

Giveaway has ended.

1.  Visit the Green Holiday Shopping Website and tell me which bag you would like to win (Under $60) and why? Would you use it for yourself or someone else?

2.  If you could have Green Irene Home Makeover what would you like them to do for you?

3.  Are there any Green Irene Eco-Consultants n your area? If not, would you consider becoming one?

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