I am always looking for a safe cleaner for my stainless steel appliances. Most are full of toxic ingredients that leave my appliances looking wonderful but my head hurting and lungs wheezing. Not good for me or the environment. When I attended the Green Soiree I was fortunate enough to finally meet my good friends P.J. and Rosamaria, the founders of Green Irene. They recently have released a kit of enzyme based cleaners that they say are safe and non-toxic to use! This includes everything I need to start cleaning my home green and keep cleaning it green! The kit comes with a set of empty 16oz sprayer bottles and a 1oz concentrate packet of each of the five cleaning products, plus floor concentrate for less than $40! The greatest part (besides the safe and non-toxic part) is the refillable bottles! No need to create more waste and buy new cleaners in new plastic bottles, just purchase the 1 oz concentrate products and refill as needed with your Green Irene Bottle and H20!

So Do They Work?

I’ve been trying a few of them out and I’m very pleased. Lucky for me, the stainless steel cleaner works fabulously! The cleaner is easy to use with a microfiber cloth and my stainless steel appliances look wonderful. I’m also very thrilled with the kitchen cleaner and how my granite counter tops shine. I’m happy the cleaners don’t have a gross fake smell because to me clean doesn’t have smell. When I want a fresh scent I open my windows and buy some flowers! The greatest part is, I can always chose to have a Green Irene consultant come to my home and help me learn more about the products, if I choose. Perfect for any home or office wanting to start green cleaning and living their life eco-friendly! From the light bulbs, to saving water, reducing waste and cleaning green, the Green Irene consultants are the way to go!

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Green Irene provides their ingredient list and MFSD information for each cleaning product, right on their website. The cleaners are enzyme based cleaners:

” Enzymes are large protein molecules found in all living things. They are nature’s workers, speeding chemical processes or creating chemical reactions. As catalysts, they speed up natural processes and create natural reactions that otherwise would not materialize. Enzymes work by rapidly biodegrading materials like grease, foods, oils and grime into their basic elements like carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, so they are both effective and safe. Enzymes clean better than toxic and non-toxic detergents, acids and alkalines. Plus, enzymes completely remove (not just mask) odors by breaking down the organic materials that’s causing the odor.

For a complete description of Green Irene’s enzyme based cleaners click here! Try these new enzyme based cleaners by hosting your very own Green Irene workshop and you’ll receive a starter kit, just like me! Give Green Irene a follow on Twitter and “like” them on Facebook to keep up with their specials and news!

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