I have debated on whether I wanted to post this or not. My theme has been back to school not hot green mom bloggers! Come on! I’m branding myself as a professional blogger and I’m also trying to spread the word about moms going green. What better way then to get on a hot blogger calendar? Only 12 women can be picked and shouldn’t one of them be sexy and sassy Green and Clean Mom? What are my chances of winning when 90% of my readers are females? Yeah, well I’ve come to terms with the unfairness of this but it is only going to have to make me work harder to get a green website on that damn calendar! So, put your sexuality aside and just vote for me because it’s voting for green being sexy and hot! It’s voting for moms being natural and who they are without the chemicals! Look, I personally think I’m sexy and hot but when you click yes to this I’m not necessarily saying you think this. I’m okay with that but out of 12 women bloggers online shouldn’t one be green? Shouldn’t one promote eco-savvy moms out there? YES! So vote for Green and Clean Mom people! Just keep scrolling down this poll until you see Green and Clean Mom. You only get one vote folks so make it count. Either way, this is fun so why not?

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