I have some exciting news to share with you…Hot Mom’s Club had a makeover and it is better than ever. Are you a member? If not, please join me, there are lots of perks. I’ve linked to this site, forever, but with the makeover and all of the great attributes and functions I just have to rave about it. This is a online forum for moms to come together in a classy, sophisticated, fun way. I’m feel like a hot mom just telling you about it and I’m not going through menopause either! This online club has been around since 2005 and since its conception; it has caught on like wildfire. Moms of a new generation are part of this club, celebrities too! It’s because we all have a common bond, motherhood. I’m part of several online groups but this is one of the best.

There’s something for every mom when it comes to the HMC! The articles range from the latest and greatest baby product, going green advice, recipes, money saving tips, kid’s allergies and more. The list is endless but the writers, staff and contributors are experienced and knowledgeable. It’s great to see a online forum with such rich content, support and generosity. HMC does a lot to help support events and give back to communities, they were part of the fundraiser for Bloom, which I donated and contributed to. I love that they have a green mom section with articles related to issues I write about and care about.

If your part of HMC join my group, an extension of this blog and its title is “Green and Clean Mom”. You’ll recognize my button and logo. If not, be sure to join and mention tell them that you heard about them through Sommer over at greenandcleanmom.blogspot.com! After you join come on over and be part of my group so we can chat and learn more from each other and how moms like us are going green and doing are part. It will be like a online eco party!

Why not? Great tips for free!

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