My entire life has been about children. When I was little I played with dolls and kitchen sets. I looked after the neighbor’s kids, handled fights, and was mother hen who kept an eye out for the younger ones and then it progressed into paid babysitting. From there I worked in childcare centers, summer camps and finally obtained my teaching degree and taught preschool. It continues with me having my own two children and continuing my education through graduate school to almost obtain my masters degree in early childhood education (blogging and social networking consulting happened – 1 class left) and then working in the non-profit sector to facilitate playgroups. My love for children still has be active as a early childhood advocate and of course as a mother my life will always revolve around children. One would think I would have a lot of confidence when it comes to children. My bookshelf would make one think this and my resume would fool anyone into thinking I could lick this motherhood stuff.


Mommy confidence has nothing to do with what your degree is,  what your resume says, bookshelf reads or you’re past experience. Motherhood is like treading through murky water and not really knowing what is swimming or growing as you walk through parenthood. Sometimes the water is crystal clear and other times I want to drown myself in it! I’ve learned that I am not always prepared for what comes out of the mouths of babes, living and caring for a child is far different from a classroom of children and each stage is very unique for each unique child.

Luckily I found Kimberly Clayton Blaine and her book, Mommy Confidence.

Blogging and writing about going green is easier for me than if I were to blog about motherhood and so I give a lot of credit to women like Kimberly who help other moms navigate through the waters of motherhood and who help us with our self-confidence. Mine seems to take a beating all to often. From nobody liking what I make for dinner to all my efforts as Easter Bunny being a failure when I forget the favorite candy in the basket or longed after toy.  That word – guilt… creeps in and rips at my heart when I steal time away for me or pursue my goals and dreams.

Kimberly’s book, Mommy Confidence is quick and easy read, great for that lock the bathroom door retreat. It outlines eight easy steps to reclaiming balance, motivation and your inner diva. A book I will be loaning out to all friends who call stressed! I highly suggest reading this book for a little pep talk or pick me up. After reading chapter three about making life happen and stop postponing your dreams I was fired up. I loved how point blank the chapter was about it being important that moms are confident and happy because that is role modeling something very positive for our children. I am a better mother since starting my business and working. I am happy, I help other people and my children see this. This chapter was a good reminder for me to continue to go forward with my dreams and not hold back. Sure, we have families and we need to make accommodations and have priorities but we can also have a life. It’s about balance and thanks Kimberly for helping me to remember this, among so many other things.

For great parenting advice see Kimberly’s website TheGoToMom.TV

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