I’m in a pinch. My daughter is sick, again. It’s been a crazy day and I have to make something for dinner. All of us moms have felt this. We want healthy meals and we want our children to eat off safe plates and drink from safe cups, thats what green moms do. No, that’s what we try to do but we aren’t perfect everyday. So my discovery, 4Real Foods and like me, they aren’t perfect but a great alternative to feeding my children foods with chemicals from a fast food restaurant. No judgment because I’ve done it.

A friend told me about these and so I bought a box at my local wally mart and they were very reasonable. My Flip video is here for a review and I’m sold, buying one. I’ve wanted to add video to my blog and make the blog more personal and really review the products for you. The Flip video is the answer for me and it is very portable. So I just flipped out my video, opened up the freezer and here you go, a review of 4Real Foods.

My disclaimer: First time making a video for Green and Clean Mom and I realize a few things now but I’m being genuine so cut me some slack…please!

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