I’m in a pinch. My daughter is sick, again. It’s been a crazy day and I have to make something for dinner. All of us moms have felt this. We want healthy meals and we want our children to eat off safe plates and drink from safe cups, thats what green moms do. No, that’s what we try to do but we aren’t perfect everyday. So my discovery, 4Real Foods and like me, they aren’t perfect but a great alternative to feeding my children foods with chemicals from a fast food restaurant. No judgment because I’ve done it.

A friend told me about these and so I bought a box at my local wally mart and they were very reasonable. My Flip video is here for a review and I’m sold, buying one. I’ve wanted to add video to my blog and make the blog more personal and really review the products for you. The Flip video is the answer for me and it is very portable. So I just flipped out my video, opened up the freezer and here you go, a review of 4Real Foods.

My disclaimer: First time making a video for Green and Clean Mom and I realize a few things now but I’m being genuine so cut me some slack…please!


  1. Love the new addition! You did a great job on your first video. Thanks for the tip on the 4Real frozen goodies. I’ll have to try them out for those days when I just don’t have the time to bust out my mad cooking skills. Have a great weekend!

    Taras last blog post..Serene and Green Giveaway

  2. ok, so I always read your blog for your brains, but I just had to tell you how adorable you are and how much I LOVE your haircut.

    not to objectify you or anything. I’m not that kinda girl 🙂

    yay video blogs! totally fun.

  3. Awesome Sommer! Now I feel like I know you that much better 🙂

    Isn’t the Flip great – I was given one for my birthday – it’s affordable, easy to use, and takes decent videos.

    I’ve never heard of 4Real Foods. Their website shows that they are sold at Walmart and ShopRite – I hope they expand their market as I don’t shop at either of those stores.

    And we all do it – I always have packets of Amy’s Mac&Cheese in the pantry for times that I am too tired to cook. Just add some fruit and vegetables and my daughter is good to go 🙂

    Kim Woodbridges last blog post..WordPress – How to Find the Best Free Themes

  4. So great to see you in mommy action Sommer!! Can’t wait to try these out. I was cracking up with the snack request right before dinner- happens every night in our kitchen too!

  5. Good job on your video, and don’t worry, you don’t look like you didn’t shower. It’s great that it is organic that you are feeding your kids healthy food, and I too often eat a box of Annie’s pasta. However, I wouldn’t call it green, just organic and possibly healthier than the alternative. I know everyone gets in a pinch sometimes, but I balk at calling anything individually wrapped in plastic green.

  6. Being somewhat of a technophobe, I am very impressed that you were able to make a video and put it on your website. Good work on your first attempt!

    As for the foods, I guess I won’t be able to try them for myself. As Kim mentioned above, I don’t shop at either WalMart of ShopRite, as I don’t think I have seen either of those stores where I live.

    Jen’s comment sums up the problem with prepackaged organic food–it’s not green if it involves plastic, especially cellophane, which isn’t recylable. But you’re right–sometimes you are in a pinch, and you never said they were perfect!

    Rebecca (Green Baby Guide)s last blog post..The Green Baby Guide’s Sunday Round-Up

  7. Agree about the green thing but hey, when you’re in a pinch you do what you can do and at least it’s better than bright orange mac and cheese!

    Thanks for the complements, I’m learning to do this camera thing. The flip video rocks!


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