When it comes to snacks, cereal and being healthy I like something that tastes good but also fills me up and is good for me. A few months ago the founder of Me and Goji contacted me thinking I’d love to make my own cereal and that I’d think this was pretty cool and of course delicious! They were right, I like my Green Mom’s Rock cereal! I decided on the ingredients, named the cereal and boom it arrived on my door step! After they contacted me guess what, Oprah discovered how cool this concept is and had them on and of course now they are slammed so I hardly think I’ll do what Oprah did for them but I can try!

What I love about the cereal besides it being my creation…it can be a great business and branding tool for a company. Think about how you can use this to introduce your brand, send a thank you to a company with your logo or even as a corporate holiday gift! Check out my other digital marketing ideas over at 3 Green Angels!

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