The holidays are fast upon us and that means holiday cards. Lots and lots of cards begin to fill my mailbox October threw January. We get Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years cards.  Then there is a month before the valentine day cards fill our box! All of this adds to carbon emissions and environmental waste, unless you choose a green printing company. PsPrint is a company offering some great green printing options including:

>Printing with soy ink verses petroleum ink. This mean less volatile organic compounds being emitted during the printing and that is better for the environment and air quality for the employees.

>Using 100% recycled paper.

>Use more than has more then one shipping location, which is better for you the customer, and for the environment…meaning less travel for the product to make it to your door.

>They are a company that recycles their paper waste!  All paper-printing companies create paper waste and at the very least they should be recycling it!

I’ve tried to cut down my paper consumption in my home but having a home-based business and working part-time out of my home, I make brochures, business cards, send thank you notes, use envelopes, make poster, etc.  I try to do what I can by email or electronically but I still need a company to print products for me from time to time. When sending cards I do select post cards because I can usually avoid the envelope and that helps save paper.

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There are lots of ways to reduce paper consumption and help save trees. Recycling paper is the simple option. Reusing paper for scrap paper, doodle pages for the kids or wrapping paper!  Buy Ebooks when possible, purchase recycled paper products, send information electronically when possible and if you still love old fashion holiday cards pick one holiday to send a card for verses every holiday and make sure you use a green printing company!

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