Social networking and marketing, it’s powerful. All networking is powerful…regardless of your profession, whether you’re a green mommy or environmental guru. Face to face interactions, emails, Facebook, My Space, saying hi to a mom at a local playgroup, shaking hands, passing out a business card and introducing yourself. All of it is networking in some form. I’m a big believer that networking helps open new doors and connect a person to new people, the right people and sometimes old friends.

Let me give you a few examples about how it has worked in my life both via the internet and blogesphere and in my not so “virtual world”. Virtually, I’m out there and trying my hardest to network and socialize. I have a Facebook page, Linkedin Profile, Twitter Page and I’m involved in tons of social networking groups, including the green and clean mom community and my blog. So what does all of this mean and it must be a waste of time if I don’t get anything from it. [Insert wicked evil laugh here] Friends, family members they don’t get it and some of them crack jokes or just tease me for being on the computer and just getting what they call “stuff” sent to my house.

I just roll my eyes. If I let it bother me or cared to explain that from my profiles and virtual networking I have been apart of a documentary, I have helped filmed an infomercial for a new set of pans coming out that are safe and come from recycled material, I have two new consulting jobs that have come from my networking and experience and I make money with advertising on my site (yes, I actually profit from this). I’ve had the opportunity to speak and talk to hundreds of women and get inspiration from them about blogging, social networking and marketing and how to go green. It has been a fruitful experience that in my eyes is just beginning. Did I get here easily? Does any business turn a profit quickly and with no hard work? No. It just so happens that the virtual world is harder for some people to wrap their heads around.

Those are examples of networking on the internet but that doesn’t mean that I don’t network while I’m not typing. Yes, I get off the computer and I go places, meet people and socialize. I have a job with Great Start in Michigan and I advocate for early childhood services and programs. I landed this job networking. I used contacts and people I knew and developed relationships with for references and to inform me that the job was available. Another great example is my neighbor. Her daughter has been looking and looking for a job and with her connection to me I was able to connect her to a position opening at my sister’s office that she has now applied for.

We cannot wait for things to land in our laps and opportunity to knock at our door. I don’t mean you have to go looking for it but you have to make connections and honor, respect and value those connections. The recent catastrophe with Motrin is a great example of networking and connecting and it working against you when the relationships are not valued or respected. Mistakes happens and they said they were sorry so lets learn a lesson and move on.

On all fronts, connections and relationships are important. Virtually, I have gained a lot from my online business and connections…professionally and personally. Personally, I have reconnected with long lost friends on Facebook. It just happened this morning, a good friend from college, Justin Hankins, we reconnected. All because of this virtual world we live in. Our reconnection could turn out to be advantageous to us both professionally because Justin is a professional wedding photographer and wants to do some writing about greening your wedding and maybe some photographing of earth friendly weddings…I’d say this is a perfect match! All through connecting online and this is simply amazing, in my opinion.

What are some stories of how the internet has connected you to opportunities or new and old friends? Would you ever be interested in Green and Clean Mom offering you a paid Webinar Training on how to use social networking, marketing and blogging for your business? Mommy bloggers, what about you? Would you want to learn more? Help me learn more by taking this quick survey. Not sure of my experiences or what I do? Head to my services page, press page or all about me page.

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