Green Science Windmill Generator

This article is a guest post by Dan Harrison who writes about eco-friendly gadgets for This article is the first in a series of eco toys that Dan will be reviewing, which all have a theme of being green, gadget related, and designed for children.

The Green Science Windmill Generator is a pretty simple kit that helps kids to learn about generating electricity using nothing but wind. The kit comes complete with a geared motor, propeller and some light emitting diodes (LEDs), you just need to add a soda drinks bottle to mount the windmill.

As the blades turn, the LEDs start to glow. The faster the propeller turns, the brighter the LEDs light up. The windmill will also turn to face the wind too, allowing for the maximum possible electricity to be generated from the wind.

The kit is aimed at children aged 8 years or older, and is a perfect toy to keep them occupied for an afternoon. The windmill generator kit is a great introduction to alternative energy and can help to encourage a child’s interest in science and the environment. The Windmill Generator kit is available for just $9.35 from

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