Tuesday’s shout out is a day late but not because it wasn’t written but because I technically never scheduled the post. Woops! I often spend Sunday afternoon writing my weekly posts and doing reviews but this doesn’t seem to do me much good when I forget to schedule the posts and they sit in a draft folder. Oh, well!

I wanted to give a friendly shout out to my pal Anna from Green-Talk. Anna and I have been part of the Green Moms  Carnival together and recently we’ve been on a committee to help BlogHer be more earth friendly*. Anna’s website is chalked full of helpful green tips, ideas and you can even listen to her posts – which is very tech. savvy and helpful. Anna writes from the heart and her experiences of trying to build her own home “green” and eco-friendly and the struggles from the costs to finding the materials. When you visit Green Talk you’ll be sure to find a genuine author with passion.

*Disclaimer: The BlogHer green committee offered free consulting and guidance. The committee is not responsible for endorsing or approving of sponsorships. We conversed, added opinions and options for BlogHer and personally I commend them for bringing us together to discuss the issue of being more eco-friendly this year for BlogHer 09′ and for their initiatives.

Why not? Great tips for free!

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