I read sooooo many wonderful blog and websites regularly that it’s hard to keep track of my RSS feeds and twitter followers and those I follow. There’s a lot of great content out there and some very inspiring and motivating bloggers.  I wanted to take a second to share with you some great content that has inspired me, is timely back to school information and that I feel you might enjoy.

Green Living is a great website out there stuffed full of green information, tips and resources. They aren’t Green and Clean Mom BUT I like them, lots. They just posted on a sustainable reading movement that you can sign up for. I’m a huge fan of e-books and have regularly been utilizing EcoBrain and even written a review or two.

For you Al Gore fans, Lamarguerite wrote a great article that sums up three of Al Gore’s points about the environmental challenges we face.

Shhh, I’m an Al Gore fan but don’t tell the in-laws.

Super post about Healthy Green Pets over at 5MFGG that complements my post on making your own dog food for your pet and my Nutro dog food scare.  My little cutie of a dog is doing well but we are having food issues. He’s so picky it is driving me nuts.

Max Gladwell had a hit the nail on the head post about social networking and it boiling down to the product. Phew, thank goodness my product is Green and Clean Mom, ME and I stand behind Shaklee as a distributor, as mentioned in the More Hip than Hippie interview. I really enjoyed this article and hopefully you do to. Well, written and very true.

I’ve written about back to school and being healthy all week but Healthy Child Healthy World has an article about making the entire school year healthy. The article has some great resources for everyone to bookmark. Check it out and all the other resources, including the my favorite, The Blue Butterfly Program.

You can also check out my latest articles at Busy Mommy on Healthy Kids Vitamins, Natural Diaper Rash Remedies and a great Organic Drink for your green sprouts lunch this school year.

To a great weekend!

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