When I was invited by Lynn of Organic Mania to join the Green Mom’s Carnival I wasn’t sure what I was saying yes to, exactly. I knew I would be submitting posts on a particular topic monthly to one blogger who volunteers to “host” the carnival. Sounds funny if you aren’t a blogger and confusing, I know. It used to seem like that to me but like all things that have their own language, you learn the language and then you understand.

So let me help you understand the Green Moms Carnival. One woman, Lynn, had a concept to bring 18 other women bloggers together and blog about a topic surrounding the environment, sustainability and going green. We all blog individually on a wide array of topics but this unites us, brings us together. One blogger volunteers to host the blog, which means all of the posts will collectively appear on that bloggers home page for all the world to come, read and enjoy. Again, bringing us together in one place. The internet separates us in many ways because we can’t simply meet for a cup of coffee and discuss these issues and meet one another, however, it also bond us in ways we might not imagine. The Green Moms Carnival is one way in which we have bonded and can share our strengths, knowledge and ask one another for help.

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One might think that we just submit our post and that’s the end of it. No. We have become friends who email each other almost daily on a number of topics. The carnival connected me to the women who I met in Washington D.C. and continues to connect me with more amazing, intelligent and passion women. The carnival began with 18 of us and now has expanded to a group of 25 women! This months green carnival surrounds the topic of gratitude and was graciously hosted and put together by, Karen of Best of Mother Earth. Head on over and spend some time exploring and reading about what these other green moms have to say. You’ll be motivated and inspired, I am.

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