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Tomorrow at this time I will be in Chicago with 1,400 hundred other women that speak my language and understand social media, Twitter and blogging. I get to be a geek and fit in – yahoo! It will be so much fun and the long list of parties, meetings and happenings. Just writing it all down seems overwhelming and exciting. I’m so thankful to Stonyfield, ecostore USA and The Soft Landing for helping to make this possible.


My bag is packed (almost) I have some last minute decisions on what shoes will look good with what and still be comfortable. I’m taking a quick lunch from my job advocating for early childhood to share with you these random updates before I begin live blogging, tweeting and sharing stories on Facebook. I hope to capture a lot of great moments and share with you some fun stories.

On Friday I have a lunch hosted by Green Works and those of you that know me might have fallen off your seats reading this but hear me out. Green Works happens to be the number one product flying of the shelf and my belief is that it has to do with people being able to get the product and feel good about their purchase – not because it is the best on the market. There are far better, in my opinion that don’t produce bleach on one hand a market natural products on the other but I am going to be open minded. When they invited me to attend I hesitated but then realized this was my chance to hear what they had to say, in person. My chance to ask questions and learn more about their efforts or lack of.  I did try their new laundry soap and stain fighter and the stain fighter did not work for me. The laundry soap smells good but why is it florescent green? I have one rule when it comes to buying products that are natural and safer for my family and that is, if it is a florescent color it is far from natural. Why add the colors? Do my clothes look better or smell better is the bright green is in the bottle? I’m sure this is some marketing ploy to go along with the “Green” in Green Works but I don’t like it. However, I’m going to listen and ask any questions my readers have for Clorox Green Works.

What questions do you have for Clorox Green Works????

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