Well my big girl has been in school for two weeks now and loves every minute. We have worked hard at greening our school shopping, school days and after school routine. RecycleBank has helped keep me on task while doing the above mentioned things. I am at the last leg of the Green your back to school rewards program, called after school. So how have you greened your after school routine. Well thanks to RecycleBank I have pledged to make healthy, homemade after school snacks, use daylight to our advantage, and keep our after school activities and driving to a minimal. Right now my daughter is only in preschool so keeping the driving to a minimal helps but I know it’s hard for those with kids in after school sports. A great alternative is car pooling or taking public transportation. When our family gets home the first thing we do is let our dogs outside and play. We play outside until it’s time for a snack or dinner. We opt for apple slices with peanut butter, cut up bananas, or carrots for an after school snack and then a healthy dinner when possible. We aren’t perfect so the occasional pizza does get ordered.

I have been participating in the Green your back to school rewards program and have earned 210 points to put towards any of my purchases with RecycleBank. If you weren’t able to participate in the Green your back to school rewards program it’s not too late. You can always earn RecycleBank point by pledging to green your lifestyle in other ways. I hope everyone that participated gained something from the experience besides points and that all of your kids are having a great, green school year!!

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