Today I have a brighter outlook and feel more hopeful and refreshed. I think a good night’s sleep and a child safe and at home, can make a mom feel this way! The sun is shinning bright and the snow is melting (spring might be here to stay). I had forgotten about something that has been buried in snow all of these months, our Doggy Dooley! Actually it was my mother-laws from when she owned our home but it still resides in the ground next to our garage. This email from devoted reader Michelle, reminded me of another way to go green with your doggy poo…

I enjoy your blog daily and your info has really expanded my knowledge and has made me take a different look at things that I have previously “accepted” because it is easier. I especially enjoyed your Doggy Doo Disposal Gone Green! posting. I wanted to share our Doggy Doo solution. We compost our doo doo using the Doggy Dooley and have found that Erma Bombeck was correct, “The grass is always greener over the septic system.” From my reading the issue with dog doo run-off is when it gets into the public sew and water system, not the natural ground water system. By the time it reaches the ground water, it is already cleansed. Hope you enjoy this green option. Thank you for sharing your stories. Michelle

Thanks Michelle for reminding me of other way readers can go green with their pet waste!

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