How to Green Your Wedding Cake #Wedding

With brides falling in love with dreams of towers of fondant and red velvet and cream cheese frosting fillings, I thought it was time for brides to take a real look at the type of wedding cakes they are choosing for their wedding day.

Since the 1950’s, wedding cakes have been a permanent decor item at almost any wedding. Styles of cakes have changed and less plastic is associated with wedding cakes now (thank God!).  However, the chemicals in cakes have not gone by the wayside.  If you are wanting to have a green wedding day down to the last sweet drop, read further.  You will be surprised by what you see!

*Not all the fruit fillings are made with real fruit.  Some of it is a thick gel substance filled with sugar and no fruit at all.  Make sure though if you are asking for real fruit to go the whole way.  Ask for local fruits first and then ask if they are organically grown. It is easier for bakers to find organic raspberries and blueberries than finding them local.  Fruit selections in your area really just depends on where you live.  Try to be sensitive to your baker’s own vendor restrictions.  However, if they cannot provide real fruit, move on to the next baker!

* Fondant may look pretty – but what is inside it – not so much! Fondant’s main ingredient is of course sugar – but hydrogenated oils is another large reason of how the fondant gets its look.  Hydrogenated oils is a silent killer in the US today.  Most green companies and food service companies are doing their best to eliminate these types of oils in their processing. Fondant manufacturers have not found a way yet to eliminate this ingredient without introducing an equally toxic one.  Another reason fondant is not the way to go is due to the amount of waste that it creates.  The majority of your guests will peel the fondant off the side of the cake as a very small percentage of people actually like the taste of fondant.  Fondant will then be another item that is thrown in the trash at the end of the night.  I am sorry fondant lovers – Fondant is not green!  Go for buttercream icing with real butter!  What could be better?

* Red velvet or the color green cake inside your cake sculpture? Beware, dyes make their way through your bodily waste and do not get digested.  Let’s keep the dyes out of cake and keep your cake clean and free of dyes!

Make sure your cake topper is either fresh flowers or something that you will keep for years to come and possibly reuse.  For other tips about green weddings – stay tuned for more articles here!

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