Have a #green wedding and save money and go green with your wedding dress. #wedding

Does having a green wedding dress mean you must wear a hemp or organic cotton wedding gown?  Heck no!  Who told you that?  Did you read that online? Come on people, be realistic!  Weddings are about love and have come to symbolize everything that is beautiful!  Wear a beautiful dress on your wedding day!  Here are some key points I put forth to my clients to look for when buying a “green” wedding gown.

Green Your Wedding Dress #Green #Wedding

* Buy a gown at a local bridal consignment shop or used bridal gown website online.  Most online shops will let you return the dress if it does not fit.
* If you are a buying a new gown, find a designer that cuts and designs their gowns here in the USA.
* Find a wedding consultant that works with a local image and style consultant.  You will update your wardrobe style and look your best on your wedding day at the same time! Ask most recently married women and you will find that a majority of them spent hours upon hours in countless bridal salons.  It is a waste of time, money, gas, energy and stress to shop endlessly for your gown when professionals already know where the right gown is!
* Know that you can donate the dress after your wedding or sell it online.  In the end, your wedding dress is an investment.

Remember, there will be a photo of you in your “green” wedding dress on your mantel for the next 50 years! Don’t be sucked into thinking that you must look pale and pasty on your wedding day, barefoot in a hemp dress all in the name of being green!

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