Renting and Living Green isn’t always an option that renters feel they have. A national survey was conducted by to evaluate Americans’ attitudes towards eco-friendly apartment lifestyles, the results were surprising. Fifty five percent of Americans were willing to pay extra rent for a “greener” apartment. Of those respondents most were impressed with spaces that had energy efficient appliances, apartment buildings that supported the recycling process, and an apartment close to work so they could cut down on driving and gas consumption. Some of the barriers that the respondents felt they faced were lack of information on how to live green, lack of time to search for green apartments, and doubt that they could make an impact on the environment. is trying to make the hunt for “greener” apartments a little easier. is offering a $100 visa debit card for those that sign a lease at a property found on to buy green products for their apartment. has also assembled a list of tips on negotiating your way into an eco-friendly apartment.

Good luck and happy hunting.

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